4 DECEMBER, 2021


5 Physie members from 5 different clubs came together to showcase and represent the amazing qualities of WZ Physical Culture.


You wouldn’t have known that this was the first time they had come together for a photo shoot.
We were all there because of our love for WZ Physie, it was a beautiful moment to witness throughout the day.
It was ridiculously tricky to pick only a few shots to release but we need to keep some surprises up our sleeves.
Show your love and support for our incredible members that braved the public to bring you these gorgeous photos.

24 NOVEMBER, 2021


EXCITING ANNOUNCMENT!! Please give a very warm welcome to our new club Highlands Physical Culture. We could not be more excited at expanding WZ Physical Culture in 2022!

Meet Tanya 
“I have done WZ & EP since I was 4, having a couple of breaks over the 36 years but always missing it when not doing it. I love Physie, for the fun and social side, but also love seeing people set and achieve goals. As of late I have taken a back seat to help my daughter achieve her Physie goals at APDA, but she is also very eager to return to the friendly and encouraging WZ Physie then also stepping into the teachers world by looking after the tiny tots. I want to bring WZ to my little community in Balmoral as currently there are no other sporting options available in the Village. We look forward to encouraging fun, fostering positive body image and inspiring girls to achieve their goals” –
Meet Ashlee 
“I have been doing Physie for 24 years, a mix between EP and WZ.
What I love most about Physie is how it connects people together. I love seeing the support that everyone has for one another and love the fitness and flexibility that goes along with it. What inspires me to keep doing Physie is the fact that I feel good doing it and there is always room for improvement and to work on myself further. I love teaching Physie and love watching others achieve their goals”