Our clubs, teachers and members have been the heart of our association for over 50 years. In 2022, we will be celebrating our association with events, excitement, memories and the return of our display team and marching competition.

Celebrating girls and ladies for 50 years!


Over 50 years we have watched thousands of girls and ladies in communities of Sydney and beyond become members of WZ Physical Culture club families.


They have had the courage to dream, believe and achieve with us and we have had the honour to have each member add to the history of this great association.


As the President of WZ Physical Culture, I look back on the past 50 years and cannot imagine my life without this association, my fellow teachers and members.


I am excited to see the future of WZ Physical Culture and would be thrilled to see more communities with the opportunity to have a WZ Physical Culture club.


There will be a number of ways to celebrate with us in 2022. Our marching competition, memorabilia displays, events, merchandise and more. Let’s start with a trip down memory lane…



Lyn Aussel – WZ Physical Culture President

A trip down WZ Physical Culture memory lane...

Now & Then with WZ Physical Culture Teachers and Members


Mounties (previously The Parks and Prarievale)


“Since becoming a teacher over 20 years ago, I aim to give all girls and ladies a positive physie experience and to feel part of our club-family!

I hope all members have a chance to feel successful, confident & beautiful!

Laura Bligh (McMinimee)

The Parks for 20 years

I started physie at The parks when I was just six years old. I fell in love with the sport immediately. Physie has taught me discipline and hard work pays off, strength, sportsmanship and most importantly it’s given me friendships that I still have today. I am so grateful to be able to share a sport I love so much with my daughter, whose been marching around the house since she could walk. My passion for Physie has led me to teaching for the past 8 years at the club where it all started so many years ago.

Quotes you’ll find me saying at class; “one more time” which means at least another 10! “heads up chests out”.

Elise Barnett (Holloway)

The Parks


Over 17 years with WZ Physie.

It is so important to give it your all when practising every week, it makes all the difference.

Jessica Hill
Mounties Physie
Almost 20 years of Physie experience with Western Zone and 35 years of Physie experience all together. 
Quote: “Success at anything will always come down to this: focus and effort, and we control both” The Rock
Other: Physie friends truly are friends for life and an extension of your family! 

Claire Wilson


With 21 Years with WZ in 2022, Physie has been a part of my life since the day I was born. It’s my passion that I not only share with my Mother and Grandmother, but all of the beautiful people I teach. My Physie journey has had its ups and downs but has remained a constant in my life since the beginning. It may have not always been easy but persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievements.

Loretta Cairns 
The Parks Years
I started WZ in 2015 after 13 years of dancing and professional cheerleading.
Physie has taught me discipline and given me strength to achieve my goals. I placed first in my very first year.
I have a great passion for teaching and dance and believe if you just do your best, you and your teacher will always be proud.