What is Physical Culture?

Physical Culture or ‘Physie’ is a modern Australian, competitive sport for women of all ages (every age, every stage). It combines elements of low-impact modern dance, aerobic fitness, and rhythmic gymnastics, choreographed into a number of routines, taught as a yearly syllabus.

The WZ Physical Culture syllabus consists of Marching, Deportment, Relax, Exercise Group, Floor Drill, Toe Drill, and Dance.

Physie is an affordable alternative to tradition dance sport, that all women can enjoy.


Physie is a fantastic form of exercise that lasts almost the entire year! It gives you cardio fitness, increases flexibility, builds strength, and enhances balance and coordination. Coupled with the physical benefits, Physie builds confidence, promotes self-discipline and commitment, while fostering teamwork, friendship, and sportsmanship.

The WZ Physical Culture Difference

WZ Physical Culture is a friendly, and welcoming association, encouraging both individual and team involvement for all members. The girls and ladies pride themselves on placing equal value on both being competitive, and fostering friendships, which promotes a strong sense of sportsmanship between individuals and clubs alike.

When you or your daughter joins a WZ Physie club, it’s like joining a family.

You’ll receive endless encouragement in weekly classes, celebrate personal successes and team triumphs, experience club spirit at competition time, forge life-long friendships, and most importantly – you’ll have a lot of fun!

Personally, you’ll discover confidence and ability you never knew you had – whether it be nailing a routine for the first time in class, confidently stepping out on a competition floor, or making it to the Grand Final!

Physical Culture grows with you. Whether you start at the age 3 or 60, it’s a sport that’s always challenging, no matter what you’re ability or drive to participate – Come for weekly fitness, the thrill of competition or purely the social benefits!


Members compete in a number of competitions throughout the year. While they are not compulsory, everybody is given equal support and training throughout the year, to achieve their personal best.

The competition calendar includes; Teams, Champion Girl, Interclub, and Club Competitions.

Learn more about competitions

Age Groups & Grading

Physie is for all women – every age and every stage. Classes begin for girls of 3 years, to women 60+.
It’s a rare sport that allows families of all generations to participate.

View our age groups or Learn more about grading

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