Practice like a Champion!

Practice like you’ve never won, perform like you’ve never lost!

You can practice and you can practice. The difference? A little umf! Don’t just go through the motions, and rely on your teachers. If you want to go places, Hunny, you need to put some work in!

Here are some tips on ways you can practice like a champion!

  • Video yourself! Set up your iPad or phone, take a video and watch it back. Do you like what you see? Are there areas you need to improve? Balance? Flexibility? Positions? Fix the problem areas and practice them. Over and over and over and over…
  • Practice 8 counts at a time. If you break it down, it’s not so daunting and tiring! Practice those 8 counts until you’re happy with them, then more on to the next 8!
  • Treat every class like it’s grand finals! This will help your teachers to find areas that need improving and it will build your fitness!
  • Practice what you teachers have picked up
  • Watch your positions, make sure you’re not pulling them back
  • Check your feet are turned out
  • Lock your knees especially in kicks and long lines
  • Find your strengths and really flaunt them!
  • Find your weaknesses and work on them
  • Practice your ‘Physie face’. Try and hide the huffing & puffing with a pleasant face. It takes practice!
  • Build fitness by doing it over and over again
  • Practice in your leotard to get used to wearing it

If you can master your work at home and in class, you will have much more confidence on the day knowing you’ve worked your butt off! Nerves will not be an issue! Well that’s a lie. But you will be in a better frame of mind to be able to control them!

Best of luck for the competition season!

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