Point those toes!

Are your toes ‘En Pointe’? If they need some improving, read on!

There’s nothing like seeing a lovely long straight leg finished with a beautifully pointed toe. But, some of us (like me) didn’t get the good feet gene – Boo! Believe me girls, if there is a foot stretch, foot workout or contraption to improve point, I’ve tried it! Unfortunately, improving your point is a very slow and delicate process. It requires daily attention and you might only see small improvements over a long period of time. Nevertheless, a small difference is better than none and you might be one of the lucky ones who see big improvements!

Check out these 3 strengthening exercises and 3 stretches that I have found to be the most effective and the most recommended. Make sure you listen to your body; if it hurts and is uncomfortable, stop and adjust the stretch so it is less intense. Be gentle!

Foot Stretches


  1. Foam roll and stretch your Tight calves cause tight ankles. Your lovely feet will have a hard time curving if your ankles are restricted by tight calves!
  2. Stretch the muscles on the top of your foot allowing the toes to curl further to the floor. You can do this standing or by using a Theroband. The band also allows you to stretch your feet in a lifted position to increase the stretch. Do not stretch under the lounge. I know we’ve all done it (guilty), however it puts a lot of pressure on your achilles tendon (runs up the heel) and you will end up with a nasty injury.
  3. Roll on a tennis ball to loosen the fascia under your foot. Loosening the fascia will then allowthe muscle to contract when you point and assist with creating the arch.

Ankle Strengthening Exercises


  1. Theroband flex & push
  2. Theroband turn-out ankle strength
  3. Calf raises with a tennis ball

If this is a subject you would like to learn more about, check out this article by Dance Australia. Extremely informative with tips from a professional ballet dancer!

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