The Physie Girl’s Workout!

I’ve complied together the top 5 MUST do exercises for every Physie girl! There are an array of exercises that benefit each individual and also each syllabus, but these overall will help improve your Physie fitness.


In every long line, both legs need to be squeezed in order to prevent bent knees and to hold a strong balance. Squats help strengthen the quads, glutes and hamstrings which will make your long lines, kicks, floor work, and marching look strong and effortless.

Physie Exercise - Squats

TIP: Perform your squats on a ‘Bosu Ball’ to help strengthen the ankles and core, which will also assist your balance.


Most of the time we have some form of push-up in our syllabus and there is nothing worse than seeing hips drop because we’re not strong enough. Practise your push-ups weather you have them in your syllabus or not. They are fantastic for core if done on the toes, and they are the easiest way to get some nice shape in your arms – Bonus!

TIP: Try a reverse push-up if you’ve mastered the normal push-up. Start flat on the floor and push-up from there. Ouch! 😉


We all want to have a nice deep lunge (watch that back foot doesn’t roll) but it is often hard to get out of, if he we don’t have the strength. Practice your lunges in all forms.

TIP: Try ‘walking lunges’ – Stepping into a deep lunge and using the front leg to lift up out of it, swing the next leg through and repeat 🙂


Once again, core is key throughout your entire work! If your core is strong and tight your work will look controlled, and your balance will be ‘en pointe’!


Another crucial Core exercise to increase stability in our work and also help with push-ups is the common plank. Start by holding it for 30 seconds for 3 sets, and gradually increase the time.


A strong a back will protect your spine from injury and allow you to maintain a lovely posture while performing. Lie on your stomach and lift the top half of your body. Try and relax your glutes when you do this. Lower and repeat 10 times 3 times through.

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