Introducing PhysieFit with Melissa Bull

Hello to all the beautiful Physie ladies!

For those who don’t know me, my name is Melissa Bull and I would like to introduce you to my new blog; PhysieFit!

This year I will be sharing with you, some useful tips and info about all things fitness!

There are so many elements in creating your Physie fitness, but doing it safely is another story! How many of you have torn a hammy?! Exactly!

Over the course of the Physie year, my blogs will cover topics such as; the different types of stretching to improve flexibility, strength and conditioning, gym exercises, as well as returning to Physie after having a baby!

But wait a minute, I hear you ask… Who am I, and why am I talking about this? Great question! It’s no secret that I am a little Physie obsessed, and I also happen to be a qualified Personal Trainer. Bring these two forces together and wallah! I bring to you the PhysieFit blog!

I started Western Zone Physical Culture back in 1993, when we wore red & white leotards, gold and silver ballets, and the ‘Grand Finale’ was the most exciting part of Grand Final. I have seen Western Zone evolve over the past 25 years, and I can still honestly say I have never been more passionate about anything in my life. After a lot of hard work and persistence, I am proud to have made it to Advanced Seniors 4 years ago and, like everyone, I dream of the big Champion of Champions.

I cannot wait to share my knowledge and experience with you over the duration of the year, and I hope to help you reach your Physie fitness goals!

Stay posted 🙂

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