How to Warm Up!

Don’t cheat on the warm up – It’s the most important part!

Stretching cold muscles is dangerous and ineffective. It doesn’t take long to warm up your muscles and you can do it on the spot! Here are some ideas on how to get super warm and ready to stretch properly!

Pre-stretch Warm Up:

20 frog squats
10 torso twists
15 push-ups
50 mountain climbers

Repeat 3 times!

Looking for a new in-class Warm Up, you can do as a group? Try this!

March for 2 full squares
Straight kicks for 2 sides
March for 2 sides
Cross step to point for 2 sides
March for 2 sides
Step and point for 2 sides
March for 2 sides
Crossing step for 2 sides
March 2 for full squares

Repeat if needed!

Your Warm Up is a great time to check your technique! Make sure you really squeeze your legs on your kicks, and keep your core tight to prevent any movement. Focus on turning your feet out as much as possible and keeping a tight posture. You know how it is… make it look effortless!

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