Baby got balance!

Nerves will always annoy us, but there are ways we can make our balance so strong that we have the power to fight those nasty nerves!

These days there is some pretty fancy equipment available for sport specific exercises. The Bosu Ball is a dancer’s best friend for creating stability in our joints and core! There are two sides to the Bosu Ball that can be utilised for a huge range of exercises!

If you can master a long line standing on a Bosu Ball, a few nerves will be a breeze on stage!

The Bosu Ball can be very unstable depending on how inflated it is. For this reason, I would only recommend these exercises if you already have relatively good balance, and would like to go that extra step!

Below are 5 exercises with progressions. Perform 12 reps of each exercise 3 times through. If you feel like it’s too easy, move on to the suggested progression and continue

  1. Squats > Jump Squats > Single Leg Squats (hold a bench for support)

  2. Side Kicks > Side Long Line (hold 15secs)


  3. Backward Leg Lift > Long Line (hold 15secs)


  4. Sit up > V-Up (hold 15secs)


  5. Plank > Mountain Climbers > Push-Up


The more you work on your balance the easier you will find holding your balance in class, and more importantly – in competitions!

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