Put Your Game Face On: A Guide Competition Makeup!

Hi, I’m Renee…

I’ve been a member of WZ Physical Culture for 30 years. I’m a Primary School Teacher, Makeup Artist, and Photographer. I’m also a wife and Mum with two very active sons.

With competitions looming, I thought it might be a good time to go over how to present ones self with appropriate make-up for both the stage and the hall.

You see, these two scenarios require significantly different make-up applications. The bright lights on a stage saturate your features with light and make you look washed out, so a more dramatic ‘look’ may be required. When competing in a poorly lit hall without bright lighting, you may not need such a strong ‘look’.


Let’s discuss possible make-up application for the hall first.

When we look good, we feel good. When we feel good, we perform well. Getting the overall polished look from head-to-toe can be quite simple. Hopefully, these hints & tips will help those of you out there who are afraid of applying makeup.


I always begin with a skin primer. This will act as a barrier for your skin and also an adhesive so that your makeup doesn’t move, even when you perspire. Let’s face it; it’s not pretty when your eye shadow ends up running down the side of your face once you’re past Exercises! A good quality foundation or CC cream will do nicely as a base. Follow this with a dusting of setting powder to prevent shiny skin. Dewy makeup is all the rage, but not when you’re going to be working up a sweat!


Bronzer is next –  Add this under your cheekbones and sweep up onto your temples. This just adds a little shape to your face and will bring in the shade of your spray-tan (should you have had one) so that the whole look is seamless. Blush should be added to the apples of the cheeks. You will find these by smiling. Gone are the days when you apply blush to the sucked in cheeks like our mother’s once did. It’s all about looking more natural now. If you want to get a bit more tricky, you can add a highlighter (a sheer and sometimes sparkly pressed powder or liquid) to the top of your cheekbones near the eye.


Eyes are more time consuming. To be honest, I usually just wear one block colour all over my lid and fairly high up towards my brow bone because it saves time, looks polished and from a distance, eye makeup is difficult to see anyway. I usually wear a matte taupe colour and find that this colour suits most eye colours. I’m a firm believer and advocate that women over about 30 years be wear matte eye shadows as they don’t reflect light and settle in wrinkles to make them stand out. I add a small amount of brown eyeliner on top and under my lash line to define my eyes a little and then plenty of mascara. Be sure to fill in your brows and add a little highlight (or lighter colour eye-shadow) just under your brow bone.

TIP! Sometimes I use my bronzer as my eye shadow! You’ll find that a bronzer will suit most eye colours and keep you looking quite natural.


The lips should still be fairly definite. By definite, I mean a solid colour. There are so many good quality matte and satin lipsticks available now and you can choose a shade that suits your skin tone the best. For me personally, I love a warm red but it also depends on the colour that my leotard throws against my face. This year, the navy and pink that the ladies will be wearing may mean that I change my lip to more of a warm plum colour. The Seniors leotard colour is a rich purple, so a deep red would look beautiful. To desaturate the colour, blot the lips with a tissue and add a little gloss over the top, so that you still have colour but without as much pigment.


Finally, to keep everything in place, use a setting spray. I like to think of this as ‘hairspray for the face’. You can pick up a setting spray at most chemists and makeup counters. Do keep in mind however, that setting sprays have a high content of alcohol and may cause your skin to dry out. This can cause breakouts because of an increase in oil production. I usually only use a setting spray for competitions where I know I’ll be there for many hours and photos are required.

Next time I’ll talk about Stage makeup. In the meantime, if you have any questions, just post them on the Facebook link, and I’ll do my best to get back to you!

Be sure to check our completion Rules & Regulations for all hair & makeup guidelines, under section 2.4

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