Introducing the Judy Greenep Good Sports Award


As its name suggests, the ‘Judy Greenep Good Sports Award’ will be presented to a member who has displayed exemplary behaviour of good sports-woman-ship in the Physie year. Their actions will embody the values & standards that the WZ Physical Culture association and its community prides itself – Fair play, integrity, humility, and grace.

The winner may be the girl who steps in for another club’s team at the last moment, so they are able to take to the floor… It may be a lady who helps a competitor overcome her nerves and get out to compete… It may be the woman who takes off her own ballets for another to borrow, because they’ve left one at home!

These events happen every year, but you don’t often hear about them. Why? Because the person who goes above and beyond, doesn’t see it out of the ordinary – It’s just ‘what you do’.

However, it is out of the ordinary, and it’s what makes up the very fabric that shapes our association, and we think it’s time we acknowledge these good sports women!

We look forward to reading the stories about our wonderful members.



Throughout the year, members are nominated by and to teachers, who will then submit finalists to a panel to be judged.

Judy’s daughters, Mary Greenep and Elizabeth Greenep will judge the submissions, and determine what has been the greatest display of sportsmanship for the Physie year.

The first annual winner will be announced at the 2018 WZ Physical Culture Grand Final, held on Saturday 27th October.



Our new award honours the late Judy Greenep. Judy had a long, deep involvement with WZ Physical Culture, fulfilling many roles across the association.

Judy’s WZ Physical Culture journey began in 1975 when her 3 daughters began Physie. Not content with just watching, she began as a student, which led her to teaching. Judy then moved from teaching to being the President of the association. After retiring from her duties as President, she continued to as a judge at competitions.

Judy optimised the core values of our association – fair play, integrity, humility and grace. It is only fitting that our new award honours her incredible contribution to the wonderful community we have today.

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